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Hi -
As a brief introduction, I found you through an article you wrote for Intercom, the magazine of the Society for Technical Communication. I'm a new technical writer.
I just read your post on ChromeBook, and it's one of the first positive posts I've seen. What excites me about it, though, is the possibility of using an Internet-dependent device OFFLINE. I tried a netbook once, with an expensive cell phone contract, and returned it within the 30-day trial period because I couldn't get a good signal in my own home, and it took an extremely long time to download anything (even simple things like Adobe Reader or Open Office). Needless to say, I was unimpressed.
I currently have both a smart phone and a tablet (both running Android) and I use them constantly. The one drawback of the tablet is the lack of an external keyboard for lengthy typing, such as composing blog posts. (the bluetooth one I bought stopped working after a month).
Anyway, enough babbling - I just wanted to say, I found your post interesting - and I'd like to see more, maybe a longer review of features and/or software available for the Chromebook. Because, as much as I like my Android personal electronics - I rely on Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat X Standard for writing documents and processing them.

Mary Connor

Thanks, Jackie! I will definitely dig deeper into options for Chromebook as a work machine. Seems every day I hear about new angles (such as Adobe offering cloud-based use of their tools) that brings that reality closer.

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